How It Works

Your one-stop solution to reopening the office. As businesses get the green light to reopen offices, the uncertainty of how to do so becomes apparent. Since offices have been closed for over a year, the prospect of returning with little to no notice has now become a nightmare.

Reopening Challenges
As management revisits their office spaces, they’re finding all kinds of problems – from leftover food in the refrigerators to dust on their desks. But even more concerning are the challenges that could delay reopening altogether.

Backlogged Vendors
Anything needed to reopen an office – electricians, contractors, furniture companies, Internet, office equipment– are already hard to come by. Third-party vendors are significantly backlogged and it could take 4 – 6 months to get in their calendar.

Office Size
Companies are also quickly realizing that they now have either too much space for the number of employees coming into the office or too little space to abide by social distancing measures.

TradeAddresses Solution
So how do you work around all of these challenges? TradeAddresses has become the premier solution to reopen your offices. Simply create a free account and post your current space on through its secure and private portal. Then fill out specs for the space you seek. Similar to an online match-making service, TradeAddresses matches you to other businesses looking to trade office spaces. Specialized agents will carefully curate matches for your review. Once a match is made, they can negotiate the leasing terms and work with respective landlords to facilitate a seamless office trade on your behalf.

To create an account on TradeAddresses is free. We only charge the office tenant if we successfully secure a trade. We can handle the brokerage side, and TradeAddresses works directly with your broker to facilitate an office tenant’s trade. TradeAddresses is not new. It launched in 1997 in the boom and proved highly successful during a very tight office market, trading properties throughout the Bay Area, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York.

Furthermore, TradeAddresses Concierge is a supplementary feature serviced with professional facility managers who can take the lead on getting offices reopened correctly, meeting all of the required health and safety measures. This can include all furniture and equipment, thereby reducing downtime and moving costs.