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    With TradeAddresses, finding and trading office spaces has never been easier. Your information is always kept private and secure. TradeAddresses also gives you exclusive access to properties that are not yet listed on the public market. So, what are you waiting for? Trade into a new space today.

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    TradeAddresses offers an easy way to find and trade your commercial office or industrial space for one that better suits your needs.

  • Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to do to get my property on TradeAddresses?

    Simply create a free account on through its secure and private portal. Then fill out specs for your current space and the space you seek. Similar to a match-making service, TradeAddresses matches you to other businesses looking to trade office spaces. Specialized agents will carefully curate matches for your review. Once a match is made, they can negotiate the leasing terms and work with respective landlords to facilitate a seamless office trade on your behalf. Furthermore, TradeAddresses Concierge is a supplementary feature serviced with professional facility managers who can take the lead on getting offices reopened correctly, meeting all of the required health and safety measures. This can include all furniture and equipment, thereby reducing downtime and moving costs. To create an account on TradeAddresses is free. We only charge the office or industrial tenant if we successfully secure a trade.

  • How much does it cost?

    If your property is currently listed for sublease, we will represent you as a tenant rep; therefore, we would look to your listing agent for a fee of $2.00 afoot for your remaining lease term. If you are currently not on the market, we would look for the same $2.00 but will not charge you a listing fee, saving you money.

  • When do I owe you the Money?

    Like a regular deal when we sign leases for your new space, you would owe us our fee.

  • What if someone wants to sublease my space, but I don’t want their space?

    We could still handle the sublease trade. In the meantime, we can find you a new office or industrial property.

  • What is TradeAddresses Concierge Services?

    TradeAddresses Concierge is a supplementary service that can handle your move i.e. buying new furniture, rearranging your furniture, and hiring all contractors with the majority of the costs built into the essential services you need so that you do not have to pay extra for the majority of your moving needs.

  • What if my landlord finds out?

    No one except our agents knows that your space is listed on TradeAddresses; therefore, it does not interfere with marketing your space in the traditional way. You can even have us or another broker market the property for sublease while also being on TradeAddresses there is no conflict since TradeAddresses is not advertising any spaces to the open market.

  • Have Questions?
    We're Here to Help.

      Have Questions?
      We're Here to Help.