About Us

TradeAddresses is not new. It launched in 1997 in the boom and proved highly successful during a very tight office market, trading properties throughout the Bay Area, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York. It was originally founded by a group of San Francisco commercial real estate veterans who recognized the need for more flexibility during an office lease period. Over time, business needs change for a variety of reasons, including company growth or downsizing.

TradeAddresses offers businesses an easy way to trade commercial office space for a more desired one. Specialized agents carefully curate office matches for review. Once a match is made, TradeAddresses will negotiate the leasing terms and work with respective landlords to facilitate a seamless office trade.

With TradeAddresses., tenants can take advantage of:

  • Access a secure and private online portal with significant office options in terms of size, location, duration of the sublease, and additional features.
  • A dedicated agent is available to provide real-time information and answers to questions throughout the process.
  • Trades may include furniture and office equipment too – depending on the needs of the business via TradeAddresses Concierge 

TradeAddresses will not interfere with existing broker relationships. Listings remain private to the public and the listing address is only disclosed once a match has been found. Only when a transaction occurs, clients pay a small fee of $2 per square foot per (remaining) year on the lease. Exclusive off-market spaces are also available through the service. TradeAddresses has quickly become one of the premier solutions to changing office space during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, services are only offered in the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to expand to additional markets in short order.